After years of sitting on THEBADBEARD.COM domain while wasting time with my busted-ass Tripod site NICKFERRELL.COM, I’ve finally pulled the trigger and stepped into at least some modicum of “the now”. And while WordPress templates don’t offer me all of the creative freedoms that I enjoyed while laying out my old site, the benefit of having a site powered by a back-end that wasn’t designed during the Bush administration is a fair trade off. And soon enough I’ll figure out enough tricks and loop holes with the templates to put more of my stamp on this new site anyway.

old shit / new hotness

So why the new URL? Well, to simplify. It’s been over three years since I adopted the handle “Bad Beard” and it was getting increasingly difficult to build that designation as a brand while still directing people to a site bearing my real name. I also like being able to compartmentalize my endeavors and a branded website helps with that. Nick Ferrell is the mild mannered professional who walks among the living, editing television shows by day, but the Bad Beard is his cretinous alter ego who commits heinous abominations to paper (or Cintiq tablet) by night. Ne’er the twain shall meet.

I’m also pretty stoked on the built-in blogging features that come with a WordPress site. I plan on using this feature to promote future Bad Beard products, share the occasional behind-the-scenes insight into my process and use it as a platform to share thoughts and images related to my second favorite passion behind my art: toy collecting. Get ready for an avalanche of stupid shit, folks. Get ready for THEBADBEARD.COM

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